Ride the snake


Here’s Nick Bott with the ender from Stink Pit 3. Nick’s been killin it for SP4 too but you’ll have to wait and see.

Dan Conway’s section from Stink Pit 3. Long live Frankentoe.

Some heat by the man Bunn! Good weekend, the crew killed it!

Fran’s section from SP3. Enjoy.

Here’s Capone and Gannwear’s split section from the SP3 DVD.

Jon Schimpf and Pat Schlitzer split section from StinkPit 3, enjoy. We’re also running a giveaway where every time we get 100 instagram followers we’ll give away some gear to a random follower so follow @stinkpit and spread the word.

Forgot to upload this one last week, Friends mix from StinkPit 3.

The crew went in, yet again…… Photos by: nick, Fran, and dan.